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What is Scentliving?

Scentliving is a complex scent marketing service that adds value to your business. Wondering how to make your business attractive with scents?
Each of our favourite brands has a scent. Even if we have not consciously thought about it until now. Alert peppermint, sleepy lavender or adventurous musk. These scents must remind you of something, too. It may not be specific brands, but emotions by all means. A scent can be a distinctive sign for a brand, like a logo, a slogan, or a colour. It simply connects with the brand and nests itself in the minds of customers.
It may be familiar to you when you walk past a shop for example and a pleasant scent hits you that does not let go. In many cases, people are attracted to the harmonious scent of the business by evoking feelings.
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The essence of scent marketing is therefore the deliberate use of scents to evoke feelings from customers. Different aromas have a very strong effects on us and influence our subconscious decisions. In other words, with the right scent, we can encourage our visitors to shop. Who wouldn’t want to follow their own nose when it comes to a nice fragrance? Research has also shown that there is a strong correlation between scent and customer experience.
Shoppers will find the business much cleaner if they feel a pleasant scent while shopping. A well-chosen scent increases concentration, which can be extremely beneficial not only to customers but also to employees. Not to mention that the kindness and expertise of the staff can be influenced by different aromas.
The most intense experiences are linked to scents. Washington’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, for example, uses the scent of cherry blossoms in honour of the city’s famously famous cherry blossom festival. But in the Kyoto building of the hotel chain, we can experience a completely different citrus, cardamom scent, sprinkled with a little jasmine and apple wine. So, hotels like to use scents to enhance the visitors’ experience. However, this new marketing tool can not only be interesting and exciting for them, but for any business where the customer experience is important.
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Why is scent marketing useful to you?

If you have a business, you want to attract more customers to your business and encourage them to purchase. Scent marketing can help you do this effectively, because where you have a good scent, people prefer to go and spend more time there.

That’s what scent marketing is all about, and now you can get a glimpse of our complementary service, Scentliving. We are happy to help you choose the right scent for your brand so you can add value to your business. This is a great opportunity for franchisees, office buildings, hotels and shopping malls – and of course for any business where good scent is important. It is important that you contact us before designing your customer paths and interiors, as we can help you with our Scentliving service very effectively, right from the design phase.

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