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Premium cinema experience in your home

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If you are a movie lover, but you would rather enjoy a premium cinema experience at home, then our Cinemaliving service is designed for you.
Our mission is to meet every need at the highest level and fulfill all the wishes of our customers. We pay special attention to the technical details of the cinema room to create the satisfactory acoustics and experience.

Enjoy your favourite movies where you want

Many people may think that designing a cinema room is not a big challenge. However, if something is not done well and the tiny details don’t come together, it can have a big impact on results. We pay attention to every detail! All you have to do is provide us a room and we do everything else for you. Our professional team takes care of the perfect cinema room from design, implementation to set-up. We control every step, you just have to enjoy the result. We work with global luxury lifestyle brands to design fancy cinema rooms. We use premium products that give the audience a wonderful experience. Our speakers and televisions make a special impression in your home. They are also suitable to fulfil your unique interior design needs.

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What does our Cinemaliving service include?

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Would you like to have a sound-proof, separate room in your home that only serves for watching movies? Do you want to revive the classic cinema, or do you prefer a clean, modern home theater? The home cinema room is designed by our professional team and delivered to you ready to use.


We take care of shipping and setting up your home theater system all over the country so you only have to deal with the really important details and enjoy the results.


Our cinema rooms are designed for watching movies and listening to music, so the sound is perfect in every situation. To do this the room acoustics must be properly designed. Leave this JOB to our experts and let us get the most out of your home theater system!


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