Our customized solutions :

All the brands sold by Technoliving are of the highest quality. However, perfect technology requires precise delivery and assembly. Therefore, the Bang & Olufsen and IQAir products you purchase from us are shipped to your home.

Our specialists also assemble and install the ordered products with the required precision. Our colleagues acquired the knowledge needed to install and configure Bang & Olufsen products in Denmark through trainings provided by the parent company. We can only guarantee products using this service. We charge a fee for our Serviceliving service, depending on the value of the product and the complexity of the installation.

Would you like a home programmed for your lifestyle? Smartliving includes smart home solutions that make your life easier.

Our VIP Living supplementary service makes your smart home experience even more comfortable. VIP Living is an exclusive service for managing your smart home system.

If you are a movie enthusiast, you are probably dreaming of a home theatre. With our Cinemaliving service, we can create a premium cinema experience in your home!

If you are interested in our corporate services, please visit our corporate solutions menu.