It’s not a tap.

It’s a lifelong barista experience.

The future of coffee making, where customization, design and function come together. TopBrewer Scanomat can be integrated into any environment to fulfil the needs of coffee lovers. With premium quality coffee and a unique selection of recipes, everyone will find their favourite with just one touch. Fully configurable and customisable with accessories.

Explore the world of TopBrewer Scanomat coffee brewer.

Topbrewer - Scanomat - Technoliving
Topbrewer - Scanomat - Technoliving

More than just ethical coffee purchases

Topbrewer - Scanomat - Technoliving

Barista of the 21st Century

Topbrewer - Scanomat - Technoliving

A return on investment

More than just ethical coffee purchases

Together with AMOKKA coffee roasters, Scanomat has been providing high-quality, sustainable coffee to those who enjoy every cup of coffee without compromise since 1998.
The journey of coffee is quite short from the producers to the grinders of TopBrewer coffee makers.




This is more than sustainable in terms of sourcing and thus reinvesting the price of coffee back to the place of production. AMOKKA is proud to procure 100% of its coffee from producers in 5 locations around the world: NICARAGUA, BRAZIL, ETHIOPIA, PERU and NEPAL. Thanks to direct purchase, these farmers produce coffee without damaging the environment and benefit directly from the FairTrade purchase price.
This way, AMOKKA ensures ethical management and excellent, yet consistent coffee quality.

From community to community the next day

Coffee goes directly from the producers to AMOKKA’s own roasters, where every step of the roasting process has been perfected over the last 20 years. The benefit of self-roasting is that coffee is roasted around the world the following day after roasting, making coffee fresher than any other on the market.


NORDIC NOTE is the soul of our Roastery, originating from a 50 year old Italian recipe, A delicately balanced coffee blend, each component is chosen for it’s quality and specific addition to the taste. 100% handpicked Arabica beans, medium roasted to give a honey like sweetness, and medium body.

Nordic note is the original TopBrewer coffee, it is the perfect companion, due to its balanced flavour, low acidity and our extensive use of it on our machines.

Our Italian note, is a dark roasted coffee comprising of 83% hand-picked Arabica and 17% high quality Robusta, it is roasted in a Mediterranean style, meaning it is roasted to give a full bodied taste, with a subtle sweetness and nutty finish with hints of vanilla, but without a long bitter after taste.

It is a great in Milk based drinks, and offers a sweet but strong flavour, and is great served in long beverages.

A Medium Roasted, organic, single origin coffee sourced directly from the Aproconorsi cooperative in mountainous and remote region of Cajamarca in Peru.

Our Green Note is designed as an organic option for our machines. A medium roast, It has a medium body with a caramel, and Chocolate flavour, it has a medium acidity and is a great all round coffee to use on your topbrewer, designed with conscience.

Our Brazilian single Origin is everything that is great about the largest producer of coffee in the world.

It’s roast profile was created specifically with the topbrewer in mind. A long roasted coffee, low in acidity, and with a light body. It has a milk chocolate flavour, with a subtle sweetness, which makes it great with milk espresso, based beverages and just as black coffee.

Our TopBrewer Decaf blend, is a blend created in house, using our Nicaraguan and Peruvian Coffee that have been decaffeinated.

100% Arabica, it is a speciality decaf coffee, which is uncommon, and tastes every bit as good as its caffeinated counterparts, with notes of Dates, Chocolate and Walnut, it is rich in taste and has a sweet and long after taste, that won’t keep you up at night.

Barista of the 21st Century

TopBrewer Scanomat solutions automate the cafe experience, truly reflecting the creed of Technoliving.

One tap and one iPad. That is all.

We believe that the perfect espresso does not need anything else. Select your favourite coffee on the iPad, then adjust the height of the tap to your liking and your coffee is ready in 30 seconds. With a 75% recycled metal coffee machine, the minimalist award-winning Scandinavian design makes it instantly appealing to coffee enthusiasts.

TopBrewer Scanomat design awards

Look for new recipes?

If you would like to, our colleagues upload new recipes time-to-time to your TopBrewer Scanomat.

Introduces the world’s first intelligent coffee machine

Coffee has never been so automated. Thanks to the award-winning TopBrewer app, you can start making coffee from your Apple Watch, so by the time you get to the Scanomat TopBrewer, your favourite cup is ready.
You can choose from pre-programmed drinks or save your own: simply press QuickBrew to make your regular coffee. It’s that simple. The app is free, so every co-worker or guest can customize their cafe experience.

Fresh coffee, right away

The Scanomat coffee brewer boils fresh water in front of each cup, ensuring an uncompromised, constant coffee experience. The tap contains the world’s smallest milk frother to produce any kind of milk coffee in 20 seconds.

Automatic cleaning after every coffee

The machine cleans itself after each coffee brewing, ensuring consistent quality. In addition, it only performs a 2-minute daily cleaning, of course, on its own.


 the world’s first cloud-based device management system

CoffeeCloud is the first real-time data management system for Scanomat coffee makers. Full of data and automation. It provides easy. 0-24 hour operation for the devices. Past consumption data is available, but more importantly, it predicts weight loss and potential malfunctions, making it extremely easy to order coffee and service. Multi-platform, so you can access data on your phone and tablet.

There is no need to monitor constant weight loss, as CoffeeCloud will notify your devices when you need to recharge.

Coffee fleet management

Weight loss data, authorization management, everything you need for a comprehensive overview. In the central interface, you can find all the information you need, instantly see the status of each device, and call an expert with one-click for service.

Lifetime software support

CoffeeCloud provides continuous product support and systematic software development that goes unnoticed in the background, all you need is a WI-FI network.

Notifications customized

Say goodbye to the constant checks as Scanomat coffee brewers use their sensors to tell you when your coffee is running out and when to clean. CoffeeCloud lets you control who gets notified.

Immediate Inspection

Thanks to the network, you can instantly review the status of your appliances, or remotely troubleshoot or pre-order parts with your Scanomat experts, minimizing your coffee machine downtime.

A return on investment

It is not only the appearance and spirit that suits the users of the built-in TopBrewer Scanomat. They have all opted for a more predictable, economical and high-quality business operation, employing 21st-century baristas in their offices, hotels and restaurants.
Topbrewer - Scanomat - Technoliving

Office use

A coffee house experience in your office as well. Increase employee satisfaction and reduce costs.
Topbrewer - Scanomat - Technoliving


Impress your guests with an application order and automate your coffee order.
Topbrewer - Scanomat - Technoliving


Barista service is automated, personalized even with Apple Pay.

Why choose the TopBrewer Scanomat?

Amazing speed

The Scanomat 21st Century barista needs just 45 seconds to start your current workday. Once warmed up, you can make a coffee in just 15 seconds. This is called speed.

Silent operation

The standby mode consumes only 6W / h. Thanks to its design, it empties waste water directly into the pipeline system, eliminating the need for special drainage.

Favourable costs

With direct coffee purchasing options, the coffee cost per capita coffee can be reduced to a fraction of other systems.

Fully automated operation

The appliance automatically cleans itself after each coffee, ensuring a consistently high quality. In addition, it runs a 2-minute cleaning program once a day.

Satisfaction at the highest level

Did you know that 61% of your staff value good quality free coffee as a bonus? If you are a responsible manager, the attitude of your employees is certainly important to you, and this can be greatly enhanced by a cup of Scanomat coffee.

A lasting experience

Imagine the face of your customers, guests, and colleagues when ordering their favourite coffee from your iPad or smart watch. The Scanomat coffee experience carries the reputation of your company and increases its prestige.

Service, order in no time

Thanks to the integrated CoffeeCloud application, coffee orders and service can be executed and tracked in a matter of seconds to ensure trouble-free operation.

Consistent quality

Thanks to sustainable sourcing and constant instrumental temperature control, all coffees are equally perfect: using 9.2g of coffee at 9 bar with water 94 at degrees.

Companies using TopBrewer Scanomat


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